Thursday, 7 March 2013

Why and What You Must Do to Live a Higher Life and Become a High-Flier

It is very awesome and blissful to wear a crown if you deserve it because success is a ladder, which cannot be climbed with hands in your pocket. Living a higher life is like riding a bicycle. You stop moving when you stop pedaling. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, you can live a higher life, become a high-flier and cause many to become high-fliers also and live the higher life destined for them. It all starts with desire, determination and ability to continue in spite of difficulties and turning a stumbling block to a stepping-stone.

Don't just live or exist, but be part of the system and participate in the system that drives the progress of humanity. You were created in God's nature to rule your world and create favorable circumstance for this favorable occasion you want in your life. You were not born to service or just to succeed but to be significant and thrive, and this you must fulfill by living a purpose- driven life. You must do all you can to make a godly impact. You must go beyond anything you have ever dreamed of. Whatever godly thing you are into, do it with excellence and always think beyond the now. You must have a pleasant personality and healthy relationships. Get knowledge and wisdom. Be focused and learn to do away with anything that tries to limit your success. Develop yourself holistically!

You must always think positively because we are shaped by our thought and as a man thinks so is he. Keep your mind pure, because when the mind is pure, great ideas will flow from it. Never stop reading and learning because readers are leaders and learners is earners. Write your own success story with your pen in your own hands, because authors are immortals. You must learn to keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions; small people always do that, but the truly great people make you know that you too can become great. You can rise above your limitations. You can overcome the challenge of life. Be bold, for everyone admires the bold. Aspire, live and aim higher.

Accept your uniqueness and always be yourself. Be the best you can be. You were born an original; don't end life being a copy. You are living in the best time and season to manifest the real you. You have the potentials to be a success and a success you must be. It's only the successful ones in our society that are admired, distinguished and celebrated. Impact your generation and the next for good. Live an exemplary life and leave a legacy.

Higher life is a great life, for he who brings sunshine to other lives can't keep it away from himself. Always use your resources and time of your life to touch and enrich other people positively. It pays to live a higher life. It is a great experience being a high-flier. Soar above the clouds because the clouds are nothing but your stepping-stones.

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