Thursday, 7 March 2013

12 Things to Know to Be in Your World of Financial Stability

Let what you do be your money-spinner. If you are a singer, let your songs take you to the realm of financial stability. If you are a writer, let your articles, poems, books and essays bring the cash that will take you to your world of constant cash flow. If you are a comedian, let your jokes be the instrument that will make you financially OK. Whatever thing you do, no matter how big or small it is, let it be the vehicle that will take you to the world of your steady cash flow.

The moneyed classes have laws they obey, principles they keep, and secrets they know. Here are the 12 secrets they know.

Secret #1

Money should not be seen as a king, it is a slave. It should not use you, but you have to use it effectively, and direct it towards making the system that drives the progress of humanity better. Money is not the root of all evils, but lack of it is.

Secret #2

Own no man. Pay all men their dues. Ten percent of your income belongs to God don't own him; it is in your best interest, for your own good and for your financial security for financial stability.

Secret #3

New place and business to invest your money to get something more in return and increase your earnings should be in view. Invest wisely; increase your investment and come of age in your investment.

Secret #4

Earn more than you invest. Stop losing money in the financial and investing world. Apply the right management skill and gain more return from the right investments you made.

Secret #5

Yearn for more earnings as you learn more about money. Be in the know on how to increase your cash flow. As you learn more about becoming financially stable, don't just store up the knowledge, but use it effectively, apply it passionately as you skillfully earn more money.

Secret #6

Jack-of-all-trades, though master of none, will sooner or later become earner-of-all-trades. Apart from being in the business of what you are great at doing, look out for other businesses you can make your investment and increase your income.

Secret #7

Organize your business. An organized business directs and makes good use of resources at hand. What you have should be used positively to get the money you want.

Secret #8

Understand that role of money and use it effectively. Use your money to bring your profitable goals to a happy issue. Enhance your potent asset and get the right thing for your business.

Secret #9

Register your business with the right authorities and leave a mark in your business niche and locality

Secret #10

Neglect nefarious offers or activities that may ruin your business. Don't negotiate with any group that may destroy your investments and business.

Secret #11

Examine your business monthly to know how well you are doing. Keep a good record of your income and expenditures. Make sure you abstain from frivolous expenditure.

Secret #12

You have all it takes to be in the right business for yourself. You have all it takes to be in your world of financial stability. Be in the right company and get connected to the right people. Be moneyed as you enjoy the income of your business.

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