Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nevertheless I Shine

I may have written myself off

In disappointment, in despair

I may have felt the shame of being called a never-do-well

Nevertheless, like sun, I’ll shine

Does my brightness upset your darkness?

Why are you encircled with gloom?

Because I’m glittering

Sparkling in my world

Just like seas and oceans

With the assurance of tides

Just like aspirations vaulting high

I’ll shine

Does my sagacity vex you?

Don’t you take my sapience for pride?

Because I laugh like I’m El-sagacious

Obeying the omnipotent effort

You may hit me with your criticisms

You may cut me with your envious eyes

You may shoot me with your ‘sticks and stones’

Nevertheless, like moon, I’ll shine

Does my lean nature perturb you?

Does it come as a bombshell?

That I’ve got the protection of the angels

Always present wherever I go

Out of a life filled with fears

I shine

Up from a past that’s rooted in mistakes

I shine

I’m a locomotive, strong on my track

Speeding and sailing

Leaving behind days with the wrong people

Like star, I shine

Into a future that’s well-defined

I shine

Bringing the gifts that my Maker gave

I inspire and motivate

Blessing my generation with my divine wittedness

I am the Light of the world

I shine

I shine

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