Thursday, 7 March 2013

Valentine Craze

It’s 14th February
Men dressed like blood capsules
Women adorned like gift cards
Cards and flowers, here and there
Eatries, full and busy
Youths swarming the hotels like bees in their mating hour
Motels jam-packed
A little kiss, a little sex, a little moan
Alas, the egg is cracked

Senseless craze now over
Swift and petty lust
Ending in short and poor conclusion
A sudden sweetness sucked
Regrets over uncontrolled eruptions and ruptures
Hearts broken
Lives destroyed
Had I known, everywhere

It’s 14th February
Is this no longer an anniversary?
A day lovers express their love
A day soldiers forbidden to marry celebrate victory over their adversary
A period dedicated to zeus and Hera who enjoyed matrimony while above

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