Do I Really Write Poems?

Like a predator In search of prey
I sought for lines
To satisfy my hungry soul
Famished of beautiful words

With a fulfilled soul
I found peace
To write and recite this piece
Like a hunter Who caught game

Now, I ask Do I really write poems?
Or, am I just a writer and lover of arresting words?
Are my lines poetic?
Or, am I just another crazy writer claiming to be a poet?


Friendship, a bond so sweet, like honey
From the highest degree of passionate love
To the lowest degree of good-will
It makes the sweetness of life

What’s as d’licious as a fair and firm encounter of two,
In a thought, in a feeling?
How beautiful when two resonating hearts merge
Entwined in the light of love

Each other they hear
Each other they understand
They are each other’s possession
A treasure to behold always

The wandering of those eye-beams
The heart knoweth
And rejoiceth warmly
Those affectionate gestures, requited silently

The delicious torments
Uneasy pleasures
And fine pains of friendship
The soul must endure

Friendship, a relation as pure as the driven snow
Sweet and red as rose
Noble as a lord
And as important as air

True friendship, like the immortality of the soul
Is too good to be believed
Yet I strive to find that being
In whose presence I can think aloud

Let he who would be my friend
Treat me with roughest courage
Let him trust me, be tender to me,
And be truthful to me.

Prisoner to Deceit

If your truths were true
I won’t border to swear
That I’m the only one
Who your heart longs for

If your smiles were innocent
I won’t look above to see the sun smile at me
I would bet
That the sun’s smiles ain’t perfect

If your embrace and care were genuine
I won’t hesitate to stay in your arms forever
I would tell my mom
That she couldn’t care enough

If your heart had a door
I would find a way to unlock it ‘n leave
Co s I know
I’m trapped in your deceit

I wish I knew how it would be to be free from your deceit
I wish I knew how to break the chains of your untruthful words
I wish I knew how it feels to be truly loved
I wish I knew how to say, I quit

If my wishes would set me free
I know I would be free indeed
But like the poor man’s wishes to be rich
I’m still a prisoner to your deceit.

I Remember

I remember waking up with expectations
Cautiously avoiding distractions
I remember having a promise to fulfill
Trying to measure up to fit the bill

I remember those blissful moments of the day
Smartly working to keep failure at bay
I remember not having two pennies to rub together
Struggling to get out of the mess one way or another

I remember those lustful romantic evenings
Beatified with intimate flings
I remember it was hard for me to let go
The pleasure of seeing you again, I had to forgo

I remember miserable nights of nightmares
Fighting with unknown forces in warfares
I remember seeing fog of death
Trying to snatch away my breath

I remember I was created to do good works
Making the world better for the young folks
I remember I made a pledge
To remain a sage

Nevertheless I Shine

I may have written myself off
In disappointment, in despair
I may have felt the shame of being called a never-do-well
Nevertheless, like sun, I’ll shine

Does my brightness upset your darkness?
Why are you encircled with gloom?
Because I’m glittering
Sparkling in my world

Just like seas and oceans
With the assurance of tides
Just like aspirations vaulting high
I’ll shine

Does my sagacity vex you?
Don’t you take my sapience for pride?
Because I laugh like I’m El-sagacious
Obeying the omnipotent effort

You may hit me with your criticisms
You may cut me with your envious eyes
You may shoot me with your ‘sticks and stones’
Nevertheless, like moon, I’ll shine

Does my lean nature perturb you?
Does it come as a bombshell?
That I’ve got the protection of the angels
Always present wherever I go

Out of a life filled with fears
I shine
Up from a past that’s rooted in mistakes
I shine

I’m a locomotive, strong on my track
Speeding and sailing
Leaving behind days with the wrong people
Like star, I shine

Into a future that’s well-defined
I shine
Bringing the gifts that my Maker gave
I inspire and motivate

Blessing my generation with my divine wittedness
I am the Light of the world
I shine
I shine

(My version of Maya Angelou's Still I Rise)

Pen Masters

With shaky hands,
Wandering thoughts
I try to hold my pen
Struggling to scribble this piece
With a view to please pen maestros

Afraid of critics
Whose words are as painful
As the sting of the bee
I hide
So as not to displease the masters

Living like a slave
Deprived of freedom
I hide my pen
Denying my impressions expression
I seek not to attract the vilifications of the masters

My life
Encircled by the shackles of fear and criticism
Lose its savour
‘Cos my pen
Though filled with ink
Is nowhere to be found

Somewhere in me
I have found strength
To keep writing
I remember I made a pledge
To always stay with my pen and paper
Despite any form of criticism

Valentine Craze

It’s 14th February
Men dressed like blood capsules
Women adorned like gift cards
Cards and flowers, here and there
Eatries, full and busy
Youths swarming the hotels like bees in their mating hour
Motels jam-packed
A little kiss, a little sex, a little moan
Alas, the egg is cracked

Senseless craze now over
Swift and petty lust
Ending in short and poor conclusion
A sudden sweetness sucked
Regrets over uncontrolled eruptions and ruptures
Hearts broken
Lives destroyed
Had I known, everywhere

It’s 14th February
Is this no longer an anniversary?
A day lovers express their love
A day soldiers forbidden to marry celebrate victory over their adversary
A period dedicated to zeus and Hera who enjoyed matrimony while above

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