Thursday, 7 March 2013

5 Ways to Shine Brighter and Inspire Others to Shine

You can shine brighter in life, you possess all it takes, and it is within you. Increase and let your light be on the foundation of sapience that cannot be explained or interpreted by mortal men.

Put your talents, gifts, abilities and skills to work. Showcase your talent in earnest. Do not try to dole it out like a miser, spend it lavishly like a millionaire's intent of going broke. Don't get distracted in your quest to increase your effulgence. Clearly see and select what you know how to do best, what you are great in doing. Humbly and sincerely present yourself unto your maker and be of a good attitude that will encourage others, and make the world a better place.

You can inspire others to greatness. Start by identifying and discovering your potentials, purpose and power. Do not sit down, fold your hands, and watch others showcase and flaunt what they got. Get down to work. Get out of your cocoon and do the world a world of good. Come up in the world! Let the world know that this is not the end of the world. Be on top of the world and do something that is out of this world. The world is your oyster, if you can set out to work.

Use your endowments rightly and sagaciously. In every circumstance and occasion, hit the mark and leave your mark. Look before you leap. Listen before you speak. Think before you act. Don't pick on people unduly. Don't throw sticks and stones, but lay a firm foundation for another success with the bricks others throw at you. Keep your hair on when people get in your hair.

Be in the right company and allow the right people into your life. Don't be an island and do not underrate the influence of those you allow your life. Associate rightly because the less you associate with the wrong people, the more your life will improve and the more your life will be an inspiration to people around. Don't live for yourself. Live for others! Don't be selfish. Uphold collective effort. Be teachable and submissive.

Be yourself and have a good personality. Let faith, empathy, generosity, kindheartedness, affection and love be your lifestyle. Be the one who cares for others. Be gracious in your dealings with others. Be patient with people. Be that inspiration that makes better the system that drives the progress of humanity.

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