Saturday, 31 August 2013


Friendship, a bond so sweet, like honey
From the highest degree of passionate love
To the lowest degree of good-will
It makes the sweetness of life

What’s as d’licious as a fair and firm encounter of two,
In a thought, in a feeling?
How beautiful when two resonating hearts merge
Entwined in the light of love

Each other they hear
Each other they understand
They are each other’s possession
A treasure to behold always

The wandering of those eye-beams
The heart knoweth
And rejoiceth warmly
Those affectionate gestures, requited silently

The delicious torments
Uneasy pleasures
And fine pains of friendship
The soul must endure

Friendship, a relation as pure as the driven snow
Sweet and red as rose
Noble as a lord
And as important as air

True friendship, like the immortality of the soul
Is too good to be believed
Yet I strive to find that being
In whose presence I can think aloud

Let he who would be my friend
Treat me with roughest courage
Let him trust me, be tender to me,
And be truthful to me.

© 2013, Ogwo David Emenike.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lost in Illusion

I sought for solace
In a place where it could not be found
My life, without rhythm or sound
Has lost its pace

Engrossed in illusion
I pursued shadows
Leaving behind, the concrete
Which was authentic

The muses have left me
No inspiration to befriend
My light has turned into darkness
I'm unable to compose the poem of my life

The poetry I recite
The verses I write
Have lost rhyme
Like a song out of time

I feel the sorrow
As my life turn sour
I feel the pains
As if I'm bound in chains

(c) 2013, Ogwo David Emenike.