Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Role of Purpose in Giving Your Life a Definition

One of the major reasons why you were created is for you to live a happy and fulfilled life. This commences when you give your life the needed definition. I am astounded when I look at the undefined lives of people; people who have given up the control of their lives to something else other than what they believe; people who have talents but lack courage, confidence and determination; people who do not put their knowledge and plans into actions; people who are indecisive; people who are shooting aimlessly; people who don't have an idea of where they are going; people who cannot sit on the driver's seat of their life.

You are here for an assignment which must be accomplished by you, and only you have all it takes to fulfill that task. You were sent on a mission that differs from mine. And for that God-given vision, you have the provision. You have a potential that equals your purpose. You were born to make history, not just to witness history. You were born to do things that are for the books, not just to read books. You were born the write your own success script with your pen in your own hands. You were born to make discoveries, not just to enjoy the discoveries of others. Where would we have been without the discoveries of our predecessors, and where are we going without your discoveries? We are going nowhere without your discoveries, and you can't make those great discoveries waiting to be made by you without giving your life a definition.

Be captivated by what you are created to accomplish. I imagine the satisfaction this life would give you if you can really identify who you are, because true satisfaction starts when you have made out something of yourself, when you have made those great discoveries, when you have done something that is out of this world, when you have done something fit for the books, when you have organized your mindset towards life, when you have understood the fact that your definition about your life determines your destiny, when you are positive despite the roughness of the terrain and toughness of the obstacles opposing you, when you understand that environment can predict, but it's only you that can determine your destiny. I mean, it is only you who can do that. Give your life that definition it longs for.

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