Thursday, 7 March 2013

10 Principles of Sagacity Every Sage Needs in This Wisdom Age

Here are the principles every sage needs to know in this wisdom age.

Principle #1
A sage must endeavor to admit that his sagacity is only but a modicum of the all-wisdom of his maker, God. A sage must hand over his sagacity with reverence to God. He must confess that the omniscience is seated at his heart, performing through his hands and prevailing in all his being.

Principle #2
A Sage must believe, accept and express his underlying certitude, and soon it shall be worldwide sagacity. He must skillfully express his conviction; for the private in due time becomes the public.

Principle #3
A sage must know that savoir-vivre and savior-faire is what constitutes the savor of his sagacity.

Principle #4
Being a sage is not just all about good judgment and understanding. A true sage must allow his sapience to be the inspiration others need to prepare themselves for more creative living in this wisdom age.

Principle #5
A sage is endowed with good bodily conduct, good verbal conduct and good mental conduct. A sage does actions that are unpleasant to do but give good results and doesn't do actions that are pleasant to do but give bad results. A sage must inspire the society at large to reason rightly.

Principle #6
A sage must be a master of anything he does. He must act in a masterly manner and be a mastermind in whatsoever thing he does.

Principle #7
A sage must be in the know, and knowingly allow his know-how to influence the knowledge of his generation. He must be known for this - that he knows better. A sage must have capability and capacity to transform the society.

Principle #8
As a sage, you must be a leader. He who leads others by nonviolence, righteously and equitably, is indeed a guardian of justice, righteous and sagacious. The best way to lead as a sage is to perfect your sagacity in this wisdom age.

Principle #9
It does not take age to be a sage neither does it require rage to have the courage to be a sage in this day and age. A sage must be willing in this wisdom age to immortalize his name in the pages of ages, and leave his foot prints in the sand of time.

Principle #10
There is perfection and excellence in sagacity that requires a sage to build integrity in himself and build trust in the people looking up to him. Synergy of the sagacity of sages of ages has the potency to make better the system that drives the progress of humanity.

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