Thursday, 7 March 2013

The misconception of failure

There have been so many misconceptions on the concept, failure. Failure does not mean that you are a failure when you have not succeeded yet. Failure does not mean that you accomplished nothing. It means you are on a journey toward the process of discovering what will eventually lead to the accomplishment of your goal. Failure is not that you are a fool – a man who knows nothing about success and what life demands. It is not that you have been disgraced and insulted by friends or even by your contemporaries. It is rather that you are still in the process of finding out what makes things be in themselves. However it cannot be that you don't have it presently but rather that you are doing some thing in a different way or manner in an effort to discover what will result to your eventual success which will essentially result in your been acclaimed a success.

Therefore, failure does not connote been inferior nor been perfect, neither does it involve time wastage or resource mismanagement. We can now say emphatically that failure is the ability to contain and accommodate criticisms negatively and positively in order to forge and push ahead in life's exploits and management. Beginning afresh from the point of failure is an effort in itself to conquer failure in all ramifications.
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Failure is not giving up completely or throwing-in-the- towel in the face of apparent hardship, trials, challenges, oppositions and battles of destiny. Therefore, in any given circumstance one should condition his mind to always try harder in the midst of challenges and opposing forces so that there shall be a positive outcome of the adventure embarked upon. Failure does not mean that you are a born dullard, mentally retarded or stunted and never-do-well. Nevertheless, failure is, it will take a little bit longer time to come to be as it is not yet over not until it is finally over.

Again, failure is not abandonment or that you have finally come to a packing lot. This is because God does not abandon and even if He does, He does not abandon forever. When a good idea has not come to a logical conclusion or has not yet materialized so that it can be tangible, feasible and measurable, cannot be said to be failure borne, rather it is moving towards the point of fulfilment and therefore it is waiting for the process of time element. However you seem to be on the road to success when you realize that failure is merely a detour. Hence, failure is a signal or an indicator pointing to a sound plan yet unattained. Failure can be seen to be inherent in every human activity as far as success is in view.

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